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World Pricing Day | AI's Impact

About this event

Mark your calendars for the second World Pricing Day on September 9th! 

Join us as seasoned experts discuss the potential risks & opportunities that AI brings and how artificial intelligence revolutionizes pricing decisions by providing real-time insights into market trends, consumer behavior, and competitors.

Well, if you thought where 9/9 comes from, it comes from the psychological pricing method, which is only one pricing tactic among the various others.

We are happy to host this event where the most knowledgeable business people in different fields come together to discuss the importance of pricing every year. 

Looking forward to seeing you at World Pricing Day  👋🏷️

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    Turker Yigitalp Inbound Marketing Manager @ Prisync

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Prisync is a competitor price tracking & dynamic pricing software for all sizes of e-commerce companies from all around the world. It tracks online prices and stock availabilities and lets e-commerce companies define smart pricing rules depending on their unit product costs and competitor prices.