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Best Practices: Integrating with Jira

About this event

The Productboard<> Jira integration makes it easy to transition back and forth between product discovery and product delivery – without interrupting anyone else’s workflow! However, we understand that teams get a little nervous about turning on an integration with Jira. “Will it change anything in my team’s Jira project? What will happen in my Productboard account? Will my engineering manager yell at me? ”

We understand, and this clinic will walk you through :

  • the basic functionality of the Productboard <> Jira integration
  • exactly what happens when those tools are integrated
  • how product managers use the integration in their day-to-day tasks


Please note: This webinar is pre-recorded. If you have questions about using Productboard after this webinar is over, please reach out to our Support team via support@productboard.com

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