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Best Practices 2: Collect Insights

About this event

Best Practices #2 - Collect Insights:

During this 30 minute Insights Walkthrough and Q&A session, our product expert, Anthony, will share his best practices to turning customer feedback into actionable insights.


What’s the secret behind all great product teams? A deep understanding of users.

But it’s hard to gain understanding when you’re overwhelmed! When customer insights are pouring in from many sources, trends and lightbulb moments get lost in the chaos. 

With productboard, you can consolidate all your feedback, requests and ideas into one place, so you can spot trends and confidently decide what to build next.

In just a few minutes, you can integrate productboard with your existing workflows and apps — like Zendesk, Intercom, and Slack, to name a few — so you can begin organizing customer insights while reducing noise. You can even forward customer feedback directly from your email or web browser.


Please note: This webinar is pre-recorded. If you have questions about using productboard after this webinar is over, please reach out to our Support team via hello@productboard.com!

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