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Productboard invites you to their webinar

Different lenses: How Go-to-Market and Product can better see eye to eye

About this webinar

Product doesn’t always see eye to eye with sales.  Sales teams wonder when their pet features will make the roadmap.  Product believes that sales views every feature request as mission critical.  When sales and product are on the same page, magic can happen.  

Our speakers will cover key topics facing product teams and their sales counterparts today. 

Hear from:

  • Bella Renney, Tray’s Head of Product, 
  • Zach Anderson, SVP of Customer Success; and 
  • Dani Cohen, Product at Gong


  • What are core dynamics that fuel a good collaborative partnership between Product and Sales?
  • Why can't my product team just tell me when something is going to ship? 
  • How does the sales team think about selling a product launch?

Learn how Tray and productboard are collaborating to ensure that product & GTM teams can better align and agree whether the dress is black & blue or gold and white. 

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Anthony Amenta Customer Success Manager @ productboard

  • Guest speaker
    BR G
    Bella Renney

  • Guest speaker
    DC G
    Dani Cohen gong.io

  • Guest speaker
    BR G
    Billy Robins productboard

  • Guest speaker
    ZA G
    Zach Anderson productboard

  • Guest speaker
    JC G
    Jennifer Chang


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