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Session #6: Create Roadmap & Share Portal

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Session #6 - Create Roadmap & Share Portal:

During this 30 minute Roadmap + Portal Walkthrough and Q&A session, our product expert, Anthony, will show you how to create the perfect roadmap for each stakeholder and set up a Portal to close the feedback loop with your customers.


Congratulations! Your product has a bright future ahead - it’s time to let the world know! But it can be nerve-wracking to share your vision with important stakeholders and your customer base. Our product expert, Anthony, is here to help!

First, he’ll show you how to create a roadmap to share with colleagues. And not just any boring roadmap - a dynamic, shareable roadmap. You can even create different roadmaps for different stakeholders!

Next, Anthony will demonstrate how you can create a public Portal to share your roadmap directly with customers, validate ideas you’re thinking about, and follow up with customers who requested certain features.

Please note: This webinar is pre-recorded. If you have questions about using productboard after this webinar is over, please reach out to our Support team via hello@productboard.com!


P.S. We have to let you know: the roadmap and Portal features only work if you took the time to set up your hierarchy properly, so if you need to go back a few steps, view Session #1: Organize Hierarchy.

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