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Dive into AI in DV360: a webinar with Programmads & Google!

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Uncover the secrets of AI in DV360 with Programmads & Google!

On October 26th at 11am, we are collaborating with Google to unfold the fascinating world of AI-powered marketing in a special webinar : β€œAI-Powered Marketing: The Future of DV360”.

Join us on this inspiring journey where, our expert Andrea Hobson, along with the astute Elselien Van Puymbroeck from Google, will navigate through the foundational principles and subtle intricacies of DV360, all without diving deep into technical jargon.

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We welcome your curiosity and encourage you to send in your questions prior to the webinar to

Andrea and Elselien will address them during our live Q&A session, ensuring a tailored and insightful experience just for you.

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Together, let’s explore the future of marketing, demystified and decoded.

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  • Guest speaker
    Andrea Hobson Senior Programmatic Consultant @ Programmads

  • Guest speaker
    Elselien Van Puymbroeck DV360 & CM360 Lead, Northern Europe @ Google


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