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Using Integrated PR to deliver links and revenue

About this event

One of the most common frustrations with PR and social media for marketers is in its inability to deliver tangible business results.

However, we now live in an age of integrated communications, with PR, SEO, digital and social media seamlessly working together to deliver sales, web traffic and brand awareness. Those who fail to effectively integrate their campaigns risk losing revenue, relevance, and competitiveness.

Despite this, getting it right is not always easy, with many brands struggling to unify these culturally different disciplines, and develop effective strategies and creative that actually works.

This must-attend practical workshop will examine how marketers can plan, deliver and measure integrated communications campaigns, and will include;

- How to plan integrated campaigns – the role of insight

- Unifying PR with social, SEO and digital teams without treading on toes

- The power of the ‘big idea’ – and why ideas should be channel neutral

- Measurement principles including ROI

- What works and what doesn’t – common pitfalls

- Your digital tool kit for success

It will be supported with engaging real-life case studies, detailing B2B and B2C brands that have ‘got it right’ when it comes to achieving objectives through integrated PR - delivering amazing results along the way.

Please note this event is not open to other PR, digital or social media agencies. The event is limited to two tickets per company due to limited space, additional places can be reserved at £29.99 per person - to book extra places please email lisa@prohibitionpr.co.uk.


Marketers responsible for social media marketing, reference programs, online or digital marketing, brand awareness, demand generation, brand and customer loyalty/retention would benefit most from attending.

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    Will Ockenden Director/owner @ Prohibition PR Ltd

    Director and owner at Prohibition.

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    Chris Norton Managing Director and Founder @ Prohibition PR

    Founder of the CIPR's PR Agency of the year Prohibition. Listed in the UK's top 10 PR and social media bloggers and an award winning content marketing trainer.


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