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How to boost sales during consumer holidays with targeted marketing videos

About this webinar

Is your business ready for Valentine’s Day? Or any consumer holiday for that matter?

With spending projected to top $20 billion this year, businesses everywhere stand to significantly increase their sales if they have the right marketing strategy.

And we're not just talking about Valentine’s Day - You should see a sizable boost in your sales on every major consumer holiday, including Christmas, Mother’s Day, ‘Back to School’ and everything in between!

That’s why the marketing experts at Promo.com and Fixel partnered up to teach you how to boost your sales during consumer holidays with targeted marketing videos.

In just an hour and a half, you'll learn:

  1. Consumer holidays: What’s at stake for your business?
  2. How far ahead should you start planning
  3. How to drive traffic to your site with video marketing 
  4. How to easily make videos for a consumer holiday
  5. How to identify high-intent visitors
  6. How to retarget the relevant visitors to make a sale
  7. Exclusive offers for webinar participants

Spots are filling up fast so make sure to save yourself a front-row seat!

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    Etgar Shpivak

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