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How to define and share best coding practices ?

About this event

IT companies must produce sustainable source code to remain competitive in their market and attract talented developers. With that purpose in mind, they prevent risks of bugs, technical debt, and maintainability issues.

At Promyze, our vision is to combine best practices sharing among developers to improve their technical skills and code quality.

In this webinar, we will introduce how Promyze can be used to centralize developers' best practices and to foster technical interactions and discussions between developers.

We will cover :

  • how developers can contribute to the best practices repository in their organization
  • build a dedicated time for continuous improvement
  • the latest features, including the automatic suggestions of best practices in IDE and Web browsers during code reviews
  • how to start a free 30-days trial on the SaaS version

And of course, answer your questions :-)

Hosted by

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    HB T
    Héloïse Birot Business developer @ Promyze

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    Cédric Teyton CEO, Co-founder @ Promyze

    CEO & co-fondateur de Promyze


Promyze est une solution dédiée à la définition et à la diffusion des bonnes pratiques de développement logiciel