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Let's restart code reviews from scratch

About this event

Are you satisfied with your code review processes?

Supposed to be a time for knowledge sharing, these asynchronous reviews can quickly turn into a bottleneck that slows down production releases (and therefore the 'Lead Time for Changes') due to:

  • Too many irrelevant comments that drag on substantive topics or are repeated from one review to the next;
  • Problems of ego in the expression of comments;
  • Disagreement on the development practices to be implemented.

In this context, we have two goals:

  • Increase the frequency of deployment by optimizing our code review processes and reducing latencies
  • Align development practices, often sources of disagreement, in sessions dedicated to knowledge sharing.

In this webinar, we will see how to sort & optimize code review comments and how to capitalize on their content, thanks to Promyze. We will also present the "Fluid Pull Request" system that allows us to focus on critical elements of the code and to fluidify reviews on less sensitive code. We'll see how Reviewpad can help with that.

We are pleased to welcome:

  • Freddy Mallet, Advisor & Devrel at Reviewpad and Co-Founder of SonarSource (which publishes the SonarQube tool).
  • Marcelo Sousa, Co-Founder & CEO at Reviewpad

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Marcelo Sousa Co-founder & CEO @ ReviewPad

  • Team member
    Arthur Magne CPO @ Promyze

  • Guest speaker
    Freddy Mallet

    Advisor & Devrel at Reviewpad, Co-Founder SonarSource

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