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Software Development Best Practices: How to Spread and Implement Them?

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Software development methods are constantly evolving, as are the best practices identified and put into practice by engineers.

But what is a best practice? How can they be identified and developed? How can we ensure that they are properly implemented? (Coding practice, CI/CD, ...)

Julien Danjou, CEO & co-founder of Mergify, and Cédric Tetyon, CEO and co-founder of Promyze, will answer these questions. Drawing on their respective experiences, they will present their favorite best practices, as well as the advice and tools they need to apply them successfully.

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  • Guest speaker
    Julien Danjou CEO & Co-founder @ Mergify

  • Team member
    Cédric Teyton CEO, Co-founder @ Promyze

    CEO & co-founder @Promyze

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