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WEBINAR - Logistics Service Provider : automated car inspection πŸš€

About this webinar

"Logistics Service Provider : automated car inspection, an additional business with high value- added for your customers" πŸš€

In a business of large volumes where an extra minute can have significant cost impacts, the evolution of technologies and customer expectations combined with market pressure requires automotive logistic companies to adapt and improve their offers.

Historically based around storage and transport, compounds and distribution centers carry out today value-added post-manufacturing and inspection services, for a large variety of brands or models.

While processes’ complexity is increasing, they need to equipped their sites with advanced technologies, software and/or artificial intelligence to optimise vehicle compounds' organisation and services.

ProovStation helps them deliver an automated inspection solution which increases their value proposition to their customers.

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    William Balas Head of Sales @ ProovStation

    Head of Sales

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    Mathilde Giammatteo Chef de Projet Marketing @ ProovStation


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