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WEBINAR - Remarketing : Automate your vehicle inspection & damage quotation πŸš€

About this webinar

Remarketing: How can digitalization and inspection automation speed up total cycle time and better identify/value refurbishment costs ? πŸš€

At several stages of their life, cars need to be examined for faults, damage and wear. Until know, evaluating bumps and scratches is a job mainly for humans. However, manual vehicle inspections are slow, expensive and subjective.

In a business where days differences in large volumes can add up to significant cost differentials, that’s a fixable issue. Defleeting and vehicle inspections business is about to change.

In order to support the decision making and accelerate total cycle time, companies needs to industrialise the inspection process and automate the analysis of used car. Using standardized evaluations, they will reduce the cost and time of the inspections, with virtual zero disputable or wrong results.Β 

By making vehicle inspections more transparent and cost efficient, ProovStation is an automated and reliable solution for the remarketing process, collecting precise data and normalizing repair estimate. Easy to integrate into a third party system, ProovStation is also providing a greater security for used-vehicle actors and is thus boosting the remarketing industry.

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    William Balas Head of Sales @ ProovStation

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    Mathilde Giammatteo Chef de Projet Marketing @ ProovStation


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