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3 Ways to Monetize Push Subscriptions

About this event

Do you feel it? 

That’s the sweet smell of profit! 

Come to our next FREE webinar, and we’ll tell you about three bulletproof methods of monetizing push subscriptions. 

After this webinar, you’ll be able to tell anyone who’d listen: 

  • What are push subscriptions and how they work
  • What is TrafficBack and how your can monetize users who have (somehow!) escaped your subscription web
  • WTH is Content Locker and what content does it make sense to lock 

For those who are ready to jump on board, we’ll tell about our payout models — Revshare and CPS

And for beginners, one of our favorite audiences, we’ll explain the basics: how to register a domain name, choose a hosting platform and create a website. 

We show real stats and real cases so you’ll be able to see for yourself how much you can ACTUALLY earn with ProPush.me. 

Come to our webinar on … September 10th at 2.00 pm GMT … and monetize like a pro, bro! 

No more fooling around, register now!

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