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Auto-Optimization Bootcamp: CPA Goal 2.0 (Beginner-Friendly!)

About this event

Want to turn your campaigns into a money-making powerhouse with some auto-optimization magic? Then our smart, AI-powered bidding model, CPA Goal 2.0, is the answer to your prayers! 

Come to our FREE webinar with PropellerAds’ own super-experts, Yakov Becker and Sergey Kozlov, and learn all the tips and tricks of using CPA Goal 2.0. 

What will you learn

As always, we’ve prepared a whole bunch of valuable information, secret insights, and insider tips. After this webinar, you’ll know: 

  • In which cases CPA Goal 2.0 is better than CPM and SmartCPM, our other smart rotation algorithms;
  • How CPA Goal 2.0 works — with details, but not too geeky! 
  • How to start working with this revenue type — a step-by-step guide that your grandma will understand. 
  • What hacks and tricks to use to get maximum ROI. 

When and where? 

Join our webinar on June 11th at 14:00 (GMT) and get ready to know what “the next level of optimization” looks like! 

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