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How to Convert Popunder Traffic Like a Pro

About this event

Struggling to drive conversions from your Popunder ad campaigns?

There’s nothing to worry about as PropellerAds will bring clarity to how you can radically improve your measurable results on Popunder campaigns.

Join PropellerAds for a FREE webinar on March 27 to learn about the biggest challenges advertisers face, while launching Popunder campaigns, along with the no-fail ways to overcome these pitfalls.

Together with our digital advertising experts, Andrey Veselov and Dennis Popivoda, you will discover valuable, handy tips on campaign diversification, budgeting and optimizing your creatives and banners.

Webinar highlights:

  • Explore the most persistent myths about Popunder advertising, and learn why Popunder is still one of the top ad formats;
  • Understand how to gauge the traffic quality and campaign performance;
  • Find out how to choose the correct pricing model (CPM, SmartCPA, or CmartCPM);
  • A how-to guide to affiliate marketing networking;
  • See the real-life Popunder campaigns examples;
  • And more!

Join the webinar on March 27 at 3PM GMT and get a chance to ask all your burning Popunder campaign questions! Time to build a high-performance advertising strategy!

Please note that although the webinar is free to attend, the registration is required. The seats are limited - reserve your FREE spot now!

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  • Guest speaker
    AV G
    Andrey Veselov Business Development Manager @ PropellerAds

    Andrey is a digital advertising expert with more than 4 years of experience working in advertising and marketing. Andrey knows every little advertising trick and can get the most out of each campaign.

  • Guest speaker
    DP G
    Dennis Popivoda Business Development Director @ PropellerAds

    Dennis is a sales pro, who knows how you can get the product in front of the right audience. What’s even better, Dennis enjoys sharing his knowledge and can teach you how to succeed in online advertising.


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