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PropellerAds Onboarding Product Webinar

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PropellerAds Onboarding Product Webinars

It’s been a month since we launched our onboarding webinars and it seems that you liked them! More than that, you asked us to run them more often as once every two weeks wasn’t enough :) 

So, as always, you ask — we deliver. Now, the onboarding webinars with Peter Garmashov will be running each week! 

In under 30 minutes, you will learn:

  • How to start working with PropellerAds;
  • What ad formats we have and what’s so special about them; 
  • How to start a campaign; 
  • What bidding model to choose;
  • Which targeting options you have; 
  • How to test offers; 
  • How to analyze campaign statistics;

And much more! 

On-point and insightful. Full of tips and tricks and our Head of SSP Platform charisma. All you need to do is pick a convenient date and register! 

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