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Retargeting Strategies for PRO Affiliates

About this event

🛑Exclusive for PRO Affiliates🛑

You know your leads are top notch⚡. Your offers are sweet🍭. But for some reason, your results are not as high as you’d expect😞.

Worry not! Propeller’s Konstantinos Kafkalias and Fedor Tomashevich will tell you how YOU can reach stellar results by following your leads with tact, in their upcoming webinar.

Join now and find out everything you need about:

  • Saving time and money with SMART retargeting tools – “Audiences 2.0”
  • Properly segmenting your audience to maximise your campaign’s effectiveness
  • Adapting your campaign with “Audiences 2.0” for the various verticals you’re reaching to
  • Building an audience based on Clicks, Viewability, Conversion, and Retargeting Pixels
  • Cheap and Easy ways to Retarget Your Facebook and Google Audiences
  • Succeeding like others before you, with our useful Case Studies

Register now for a chance to get in touch with Konstantinos and Fedor, and find answers to some of the most burning questions you have about retargeting.

Who could know great performance is just a webinar away? Now YOU do!

So stop wasting your precious time and money, and book your place now for the webinar that will change everything you know about your campaigns’ conversions and costs.

Be there: December 16 at 3pm GMT,...

Or be square 🟩!

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