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Experiential Techniques for Moving Beyond “How Do You Feel?” with Victor Yalom

About this event

In this live webinar seasoned therapist and founder, Victor Yalom presents his case consultation with Laura, who is working with a young client struggling with feelings of hopelessness and despair. As Laura role plays her client Yalom teaches her how to use the here-and-now of the therapy room to take their sessions to the next level.

This session includes:

  • Victor's live case presentation
  • Post-presentation Q & A's with Victor
  • How to use process comments to deepen connections
  • Special freebies to thank you for being there

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    Victor Yalom Founder and Head of Content @

    As the founder of, Victor Yalom has produced over 100 training videos for mental health professionals. He's been practicing psychology for over 30 years and leads numerous consultation groups.

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