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Zero Trust Secure Access for Home & Office Workers

About this webinar

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven a massive shift in workforces everywhere. While work from home had been the exception rather than the rule, it suddenly became standard practice for a variety of industries, including healthcare, education and government. But this rapid migration may have elevated the risk profile of corporate network environment. Secure Access is needed for both remote and office workers.

During this webcast, we'll discuss the results of the 2020 Work From Home report and share the benefits for companies when implementing implement Pulse Zero Trust Secure Access for remote and office workers.

  • Speaker:
  • Rene Paap, Senior Product Marketing Manager
  • Teddy Nicoghosian, Director Technical Marketing
  • Local Time info for Thursday October 8, 2020:
  • 4:00 PM London Time
  • 5:00 PM Paris Time

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    Koen Franckaert Marketing Manager @ Pulse Secure

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    Teddy Nicoghosian

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    Rene Paap Sr. Product Marketing Manager @ Pulse Secure

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