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What's new in pure::variants 6? - The pure::variants connector for Polarion

About this event

Managing variability across engineering assets in a systematic way is a key capability with a direct impact on engineering efficiency.

The new pure::variants Connector for Polarion enables you to take the next step towards a holistic variant management approach that covers your Polarion assets as well as other engineering assets across tool borders. 

Join our webcast and learn how to make use of the new pure::variants Connector for Polarion to

  • handle structural and parametric variability
  • preview variants
  • derive variant-specific Polarion assets
  • implement holistic variant management across tool borders

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    Shivani Hegde


Product Line Engineering · Holistic Variant Management

pure-systems is the company behind pure::variants, the leading product line engineering tool that enables its customers from automotive, aerospace & defense, rail & transportation and other industries to increase engineering efficiency with a holistic variant management for their engineering assets.