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Yann Gourvennec: Future of content marketing

About this webinar

Speaker Bio: CEO and founder of the European Visionary Marketing digital marketing agency, he is a marketeer, specialising in Web and social media marketing, a teacher in marketing, a keynote speaker and author.

What is the future of content marketing?

AI is on the rise, and Microsoft just fired its content marketing team to replace them with robots. Low-quality SEO content is overwhelming and never has the content shock once described by Mark Schaefer in 2014 been so acute. What can we expect for the future? Is this the end of content marketing or content marketing as we knew it? Is inbound marketing still living up to its promise, or should we focus on other things? What does 'quality' means in content? Should we write for Google or human beings? Should businesses pursue their content marketing efforts, or should they resort to experts? In this webinar, Yann Gourvennec, a content marketing veteran and creator of Visionarymarketing.com will focus on what the Web was and what it has become, ask listeners to take a bit of hindsight, look at the various areas of content marketing and propose a path for the future of content.

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