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Global Webinar Series on AI in Finance: Focus on the Middle East

About this event

Global Webinar Series on Artificial Intelligence, Explainability, and Trustworthiness in Financial Services

Organised by the WAIFC

Sponsored by the World Economic Forum and NVIDIA

Hosted by the Qatar Financial Centre

6th series event on the Middle East

Wednesday, 09 March 2022, 08:00 GMT / 09:00 CET / 11:00 AST / 12:00 GST / 16:00 HKT / 17:00 JST

The potential and application bandwidth of Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML) in Financial Services is breathtaking. However, enterprise scaling and model exposure to live environments turn out to be quite challenging. Additionally, further regulation of AI is expected or has already been drafted.

In this unique series on AI in financial services across the globe, we have invited thought leaders and AI personalities to discuss the latest implications, trends, strategies, and challenges. What are the global and local trends? How do financial centers, financial service companies, and financial supervisors position themselves? How are the technical and ethical challenges addressed? What are best practices, standards, platforms, and infrastructures? Where are the best talent, research, and innovation?

Opening Remarks

Yousuf Mohamed Al-Jaida, Chief Executive Officer, QFC


Jayant Narayan, Lead - AI & Machine Learning, Technology Policy, WEF

Dr. Jochen Papenbrock, Partner Relationship Manager, NVIDIA


Badr Boussabat, Head of Marketing, WAIFC & President, AI Together


Henk Jan Hoogendoorn, Chief Financial Sector Officer, QFC

Sarah Hosni, Executive Director, Fixed Income Association in Egypt

Hazem Mulhim, Chief Executive Officer, Eastnets

Closing Remarks

Dr. Jochen Biedermann, Managing Director, WAIFC

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  • Guest speaker
    Dr. Jochen Biedermann Managing Director @ World Alliance of International Financial Centers (WAIFC)

    Since 2018, Jochen Biedermann serves as Managing Director of the World Alliance of International Financial Centers (WAIFC), an international non-profit association registered in Brussels, representing 21 leading international financial centers across four continents. WAIFC members are governments agencies, associations, and similar institutions developing and promoting their financial centers. WAIFC facilitates cooperation between its members, exchanging best practices, and communication with the general public. Also, Jochen is the CEO of Blockchain Asia Ltd., a Blockchain company founded in Hong Kong in 2016. He serves as an expert to the Sino-German Center for Finance and Economics in Frankfurt, backed by the central banks, government institutions, and leading universities in China and Germany. He is also a Fellow of the Think Tank of the Asian Financial Cooperation Association, based in Beijing. Jochen is a long-standing advisor at Frankfurt Main Finance e.V., the Frankfurt fin...

  • Guest speaker
    Henk Hoogendoorn Chief Financial Sector Officer @ Qatar Financial Centre

    Henk Jan Hoogendoorn is the Chief of Financial Sector Office at QFC, where he is responsible for delivering on QFC's mission of attracting financial and regulated businesses to Qatar through the QFC platform, in line with the Second Financial Strategy and Qatar National Vision 2030. He has extensive experience in international finance, management, and transforming and building businesses in the financial sector. Henk has held senior management roles at ABN AMRO Bank and Deutsche Bank in the Netherlands and the Middle East and has a solid track record of implementing businesses in the financial sector. He holds a master’s degree in Law from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands and has participated in executive education at the London Business School and INSEAD.

  • Guest speaker
    Yousef Al-Jaida Chief Executive Officer @ Qatar Financial Centre

    Yousuf Mohamed Al-Jaida was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) in June 2015. Prior to joining QFC, he was Head of Indirect Investment at the Qatar General Retirement and Pension Authority. He has also worked for Qatar Petroleum and Dolphin Energy early in his career. Yousuf serves as board member in leading local and international organisations including the World Alliance of International Financial Centers, Qatar Finance and Business Academy, College of Islamic Studies Advisory Board Meeting, Qatar Free Zones Authority and Qatar Stock Exchange. He is also a board member of the Investment Promotion Agency of Qatar and Qatar Business Events Corporation. Yousuf also sits on the Advisory Council of Qatar University’s College of Business and Economics and serves as a member in the Financial Markets Development Committee. He graduated from the University of Arizona, USA, with a bachelor’s in electrical engineering.

  • Guest speaker
    Sarah Hosni Executive Director @ Fixed Income Association in Egypt

    Capital Markets professional and Executive Board member actively involved in empowering women and fighting mediocrity. Sarah Hosni is a highly qualified MENA finance and investment professional with extensive experience in capital markets and a special focus on ECM. A strategic thinker with a strong blend of corporate finance and Investment Banking, she has excelled in high profile roles with organisations including Nasdaq Dubai, The Egyptian Exchange (EGX), and The Egyptian Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA). In addition, multiple organisations benefit from her contributions to their corporate boards. Her distinctive ability to open doors through building beneficial corporate relationships consistently creates opportunities and adds value. She works collaboratively to develop business, manage strategic projects, set visions, and create the right narrative for corporations. Hosni consistently anticipates trends, scans markets for signals of change, and works proactively in respo...

  • Guest speaker
    Badr Boussabat President @ AI Together

    Badr Boussabat has a multidisciplinary profile: AI, Economics, Commercial, Product Management, Risk Management, Consulting, Entrepreneurship, Project & Program Management, Marketing and Communication. He is one of the most quoted AI specialists in Belgium. As a representative of the Belgian Finance Center, he also participated in several official fintech missions in China, South Korea and UAE. He met with Senior Leaders from Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent and Samsung. Badr Boussabat is a serial entrepreneur, AI Speaker and Author of "L'intelligence artificielle: notre meilleur espoir" (2020) which is one of the most widely read books on AI in French-speaking countries. His book has been reported as one of the best books on AI of the year 2020. Badr gave over 50+ conferences to major financial institutions, World Economic Forum, banks, public authorities, SME's and Universities.

  • Guest speaker
    Dr. Jochen Papenbrock Partner Relationship Manager @ NVIDIA

    Jochen has spent the last 15 years in various roles on the topic of AI in Financial Services, as a thought leader, implementer, researcher, and ecosystem shaper. He is a financial data scientist and received his degree and Ph.D. from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). As a consultant, entrepreneur, and researcher he worked with well-known asset managers, banks, insurance companies, and central banks. He is a manager at NVIDIA and works with partners, communities, and developers in financial services in Europe and also in some global teams. Dr. Jochen Papenbrock is a board member of the EU Horizon 2020 project ‘FIN-TECH’, specialty chief co-editor (Co) at Frontiers ‘AI in Finance’, and project leader in GAIA-X. He has published on AI and quantitative finance in Journal of Financial Data Science, Journal of Investment Strategies, Financial Markets and Portfolio Management, Quantitative Finance, Applied Financial Economics, Frontiers Journal of AI in Finance, and Journal of...

  • Guest speaker
    Hazem Mulhim Chief Executive Officer @ Eastnets

    My business was born on a street-side shop thousands of miles away from epicenters of technology. I started it in Amman, Jordan 35 years ago, and EastNets now is a recognized global developer of financial solutions serving 1000 financial institutes on five continents. My career began with Siemens in Kuwait where I first saw how computing saved the medical industry. I had just graduated with a Master’s degree in Electronics Engineering and Medical Electronics from Bulgaria in 1980. I also hold a Certificate of Advanced Management Program (AMP) from the prestigious Institute of INSEAD, France and an OWP from IMD Lausanne, Switzerland. While in Kuwait, the IT industry was starting to take off in the US and elsewhere, and I foresaw how computers would dominate our future. I applied for work in the US in 1982, and it was there that I developed my deeper insights into technology and entrepreneurship. My journey has been dotted with a lot of growing pains and sacrifices. Throughout my c...

  • Guest speaker
    Jayant Narayan Lead - AI & Machine Learning, Technology Policy @ World Economic Forum

    Jayant Narayan is currently managing the World Economic Forum’s Global AI Action Alliance – a collaborative platform to accelerate benefits of AI while mitigating its risks. He works with leaders from across the public and private sector on issues related to technology and AI strategy, deployment and governance. Jayant has a B.Tech in electrical engineering and started his career as a software engineer, working for Fortune 500 clients in retail, pharma and automotive industry. He later transitioned to public policy, served on the board of an educational NGO and worked on various policy issues with GIZ's Indo-German Environment Programme, including new and emerging policy areas like India’s law on electronic waste recycling. He has a Master’s in Public Administration from Columbia University. In his previous roles at the World Economic Forum, Jayant has been instrumental in launching the Forum’s Global Lighthouse network – a network of factories leading on technology and innovation...

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    Qatar Financial Centre Qatar Financial Centre

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