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Qomon invites you to their event

Big Event - Discover Qomon's new features

About this event

New features for you this autumn!

We're excited to present what we've prepared for you guys since summer!

During the webinar, we will take you through what's new, what's coming and how to best configure them for your project:

New mobilization features:

  • Door-to-door "Come back later" feature and new walk-list filters that will help simplify your actions.
  • "Does not live here" and "Do not contact again" options to keep your contact list up-to-date.
  • Sending personalized and automatic SMS messages right from the field

New CRM features:

  • New contact card
  • Integrate your email inbox to visualize email threads, send and receive emails and have all exchanges between your organization and contacts centralized right on the contact's card
  • A place to log calls, sms, mail, meetings, and other interactions with a contact
  • Customizable fields for your contact form

We'll give you guys a sneak peek into our:

  • Online survey
  • Online forms
  • Petitions

....and more!

As always, we will take the time to answer all your questions about our features and show you how to best use them. This event is open to all, Qomon users or not - feel free to invite others to join us!

See you soon!

Helen Sabatine, International account manager @Qomon

You will receive a link by email to get connected a few minutes before the webinar.

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    Florent Barre Qomon

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    Charles Keignart Customer manager @ Qomon

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    Helen Sabatine


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