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How embedded insurance is changing the insurance industry as we know it

About this event

Let’s face it: the insurance industry doesn’t exactly have the best reputation.

For many, it’s tedious, clunky and confusing.  

But the insurance market as we know it is changing – with digital trends like embedded insurance not only making it even easier for businesses to incorporate insurance into their strategies but also promising to build products that are closer and more relevant to the customer.

What happens in practice when traditional insurance meets digital strategies? How are risk carriers and businesses adapting? And what does this mean for the future of the industry?

Join us for a conversation on the state of insurance with industry leaders from Generali and Wagestream.


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  • Guest speaker
    Rob Moore Insurance Strategy Director @ Wagestream

    Rob Moore is the Insurance Strategy Director at Wagestream, a financial wellbeing app for frontline workers. The company is on a mission to empower its users through better financial wellbeing management and fairer financial products. Rob has over two decades of insurance experience – prior to joining Wagestream he worked at RSA for 15 years followed by 6 years as Head of Partnerships at Hiscox UK.

  • Team member
    Quentin Colmant CEO @ QOVER

    Quentin Colmant is the CEO of Qover, which he co-founded alongside Jean-Charles Velge in 2016. Prior to launching the company, he had a successful career in the insurance industry, holding a series of top management positions at Allianz Benelux in both general and life insurance.

  • Guest speaker
    Stefano Bison Group Head of Business Development, Partnership & Innovation @ Generali

    Stefano Bison is passionate about innovation and digital startups. Having worked at Generali for nearly a decade, he’s now in charge of identifying and launching new business initiatives and strategic partnerships that trigger business development in the Generali Group. On top of his day job, he’s also a board member/Non-Executive Director of Generali HITS (House of InsurTech Switzerland), an advisory board member of the B3i blockchain initiative and an equity partner of early-stage venture fund Moffu.


Ensuring your success with embedded insurance orchestration

Qover is a leader in embedded insurance orchestration, aiming to create a global safety net with insurance that empowers people to live life to the fullest.

Its purpose: enabling any company to harness the power of technology to embed insurance.