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How to keep up with EV-driven change in the automotive industry

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Electric vehicles aren’t new to the automotive scene, but they’ve had a ripple effect across the industry from both a business and consumer perspective.

The rise of new EV entrants is reshuffling the automotive ecosystem, leading traditional OEMs to seek out innovative ways to maintain a competitive edge. Meanwhile, consumer behaviour is shifting from owning a car to mobility-as-a-service, forcing many players to rethink their business model.

How can automotive and mobility players capture these EV-driven opportunities? And how can they better harness the power of tech to meet changing consumer expectations?

In this webinar, we’ll dive into these topics with Alejandro Ortega (Insurance Services Lead at Volta Trucks), Bastien Paret (Head of Insurance Programs and Partnerships at Mobilize Financial Services), and Antonela Dunca (Financial Solutions Director at VinFast Europe) to explore how the EV boom is impacting the auto ecosystem and what your mobility business can do to keep up.

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  • Guest speaker
    Antonela Dunca Financial Solutions Director @ VinFast Europe

    As the Financial Solutions Director at VinFast Europe, Antonela Dunca implements partnerships in order to propose financial services solutions for VinFast’s retail customers. With previous positions at BNP Paribas, GM Financial and Opel Vauxhall Finance, she has tackled financial services, risk management and operations from a variety of perspectives.

  • Guest speaker
    Alejandro Ortega Peniche Insurance Services Lead @ Volta Trucks

    Alejandro Ortega is the Insurance Services Lead at Volta Trucks, where he develops the next generation of insurance solutions for the next generation of trucks. Before joining Volta, he spent 11 years at AXA experiencing the insurance world from all different angles, from strategic planning and marketing to customer experience and digital transformation. He believes that there’s a huge opportunity to change the way we think about insurance, to make it simpler, clearer – and even more exciting.

  • Guest speaker
    Bastien Paret Head of Insurance Programs and Partnerships @ Mobilize Financial Services

    Bastien Paret has been involved in automotive financing for 12+ years at Mobilize Financial Services, where he is currently the Head of Insurance Programs and Partnerships. A subsidiary of the Renault Group, Mobilize Financial Services offers innovative financial services to the customers of Alliance car brands.

  • Team member
    Guillaume Roux Automotive & Mobility lead @ Qover

    10+ years experience building digital insurance solutions: I began my career as strategy consultant supporting digitalization of leading insurers, then I joined the Allianz Automotive Innovation Center, before joining Qover to lead commercial development of Automotive & Mobility business


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