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How to successfully pivot from a growth strategy to a revenue strategy

About this event

There’s been an undeniable shift in the European tech ecosystem from growth, growth, growth to generating meaningful revenue.

Amid economic uncertainty and major tech layoffs, many companies are realising that monetising the users they’ve acquired is not as easy as they thought.

In this new world where revenue rules all, do you have a solid, future-proof business plan?

How can you increase retention and drive user behaviour while also increasing the lifetime value of your product or service?

Join us for a conversation with Leda Glyptis – leading FinTech commentator and Chief Client Officer at 10x – and Sean Park – prominent thinker on the future of financial services and Co-founder and Co-chief Investment Officer at Anthemis Group – about what’s next for the European market and how insurance can play a key role in supercharging your revenue strategy.

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  • Guest speaker
    Sean Park Co-founder and Co-chief Investment Officer @ Anthemis

    Sean is a leading independent thinker on the future of financial services, informed by his many years as a senior executive in capital markets and investment banking.

  • Team member
    Parker Crockford Chief Revenue Officer @ Qover

    An accomplished executive within B2B companies and FinTechs, Parker has spent most of his career driving innovative go-to-market strategies for tech start-ups and scale-ups.


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