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Hiring for Success: How 5 Star Call Center Maintains a 99% Positive Candidate Feedback Rating

About this event

Hiring for Success is a storytelling series for Recruiters by Recruiters. Come learn about how Recruiting Teams have improved their candidate experience, increased the number of candidates screened, and decreased their time to hire. Each session will end with a product demonstration as well as an opportunity to ask Qualifi customers any questions.

Join us April 27th at 12:00 PM EDT to hear from 5 Star Call Centers, Director of Human Resources, Angie Nath as she discusses how Talent Acquisition Leaders can recruit and retain top talent by engaging passive job seekers while providing a consistent candidate experience.

  • How to improve the candidate experience using asynchronous phone interviews
  • Tips to maximize the engagement of your candidate pool
  • Ways to maintain a consistent brand experience throughout the candidate journey
  • Methods and tools to engage quality candidates with limited internal capacity and ultimately improve employee retention

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Darrian Mikell CEO / CO-Founder @ Qualifi

  • Team member
    Leila Spann Director of Marketing @ Qualifi

  • Guest speaker
    Angie Nath Director of Human Resources @ 5 Star Call Center


Hire Great People Faster

Qualifi is enterprise software built to accelerate high-volume screening. Recruiters often struggle to connect with their best candidates due to slow, manual tasks that stand in the way. Qualifi makes it easier to screen and schedule the best candidates faster, ultimately leading to faster hires.