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Take the Pain Out of JD Edwards Periodic Access Reviews

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So you’ve got your Segregation of Duties and compliance sorted out, the right objects belong to the right roles and your security is looking pretty good. But what about the underlying data? How do you know if you have the right users on the system, if those users have the right role assignment and if users have got the access they need? Not more, not less, just exactly what they need.

The only way to do that is to ask the business and the managers that oversee the users and get them to tell you who needs what. And get them to sign it off so they become the single source of truth. Some companies call it User Certification, with some it's simply getting business managers to check that all their staff have the correct access rights and some, like us, refer to it as Periodic Review

Periodic Review is an important part of safeguarding your business and audit reporting, but it can be very painful. It's often a long, drawn-out, highly manual (and yes, boring) process, with business managers having to wade through reams of unintelligible data and decide whether to approve it or not. So, it’s also prone to error!

At this webinar, we’ll introduce a tool that automates the process, making it less time-consuming, easier to manage, and more accurate. It:

  • Presents the process owners with meaningful, accurate information to review
  • Removes the need to manually notify and chase tardy process owners
  • Fully documents the whole process to provide a complete audit trail
  • And, finally, gives you the right user data to complete your system's security and compliance measures

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