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How to ensure private 5G networks' quality

About this event

With the rollout of 5G, the demand for private networks is increasing, with entities such as enterprise customers looking to leverage 5G to deliver business-critical solutions and communications services with improved performance, speed, and ultra-low latency.

Private networks can be deployed as independent, stand-alone networks or share public network resources like network slicing. Whatever option is used, operators need to ensure the promise of 5G by proactively monitoring and optimizing these services with automated assurance to protect these emerging revenue streams.

This webinar will explain the importance of automated assurance to help operators meet strict enterprise SLAs, monitor network slice quality, and gain real-time subscriber analytics to deliver on the promise of private networks.

Join us on Tuesday, January, 25th 2022.

Tomer Ilan, Senior Director of Product Management at RADCOM, will present:

- The emergence of private networks as a new revenue stream

- The opportunities and threats private networks present operators

- Types of private networks

- The importance of automated assurance

- Why network slicing assurance is critical for monitoring private networks

The webinar will include a 20-minute presentation, followed by a Q&A session.

Kind regards,

Michal Fridman

VP Marketing and Business Development



Automated assurance for 4G and 5G networks provides AI-driven insights into the customer experience and advanced troubleshooting capabilities