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Talk the Talk: Why GenAI for Telcos?

About this event

Join RADCOM's GenAI expert, Zeev Likwornik, who will host a selection of leading industry experts in a series of webinars on GenAI for Telcos.

The first webinar features a conversation with Patrick Kelly, the Founder and Principal Analyst at Appledore Research. Kelly provides unique insights into the telecom industry's adoption of GenAI and its challenges.

Join us on Wednesday, April 10th, 10:00 ET | 14:00 UTC

In the webinar, you will learn the following:

  • Operators' budgets are shifting to improving CX with AI/ML
  • Ways to leverage GenAI for monetization use cases
  • Opportunities for quick access to 5G SA analytics
  • Unique needs of operator-specific large language models
  • Privacy and regulatory concerns

The webinar includes a 20-minute conversation followed by a Q&A session.

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Automated assurance for 5G networks with AI-driven insights and GenAI applications for ensuring great customer experiences and efficient network operations.