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Remote Facilitation: How to Run an Engaging and Productive Digital Meeting

About this event

We’ve all sat through bad meetings. They suck right? Digital meetings can be just as bad. That’s because most people don’t run meetings well.

Facilitation is the art of running effective meetings and workshops that are engaging, productive and fun. It is becoming a critical skill in modern workplaces.

Facilitating remote digital events takes facilitation to an entire new level. With a plethora of incredible digital tools, whiteboards and activities, digital meetings can be even more productive than physical ones. But becoming a successful remote facilitator takes skill and practice.

In this webinar we will share how you can become a remote facilitation master using a core set of tips, tricks and tools. We will even send you a free facilitation guide for use back at work!

Good facilitation has incredible benefits:

  • Significant cost savings (imagine the cost of participants time in poorly run meetings).
  • Increased productivity
  • Better solutions and decisions.
  • Increased support for decisions made as participants are invested in the process.
  • Everyone involved has a chance to contribute and feels they are an integral part of the team.
  • Innovation and problem-solving skills are built.

Please join us!

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Edwin Dando Partner @ Radically

    My career has been about helping organisations re-think how they approach work and people. I've been helping companies apply agile thinking since 2002.

  • Guest speaker
    Dan Teo CEO & Principal Consultant @ Radically

    Dan has a passion for helping people realise their potential. For the past three years, he has been helping senior leadership teams across New Zealand's most respected brands in creating high performing cultures through adopting an agile mindset.

  • Guest speaker
    Greg Allan Group Delivery Manager - Technology & Initiatives @ Beca

    Greg leads Business Transformation at Beca, supporting one of NZ’s largest consulting companies throughout the Asia Pacific. Greg’s vision is to enable people to perform at their best by bringing their growth mindsets to the team in a safe robust environment that makes working together fun in the...

  • Guest speaker
    Joanne Wright Group Tax and International Manager @ Beca

    Joanne is responsible for managing Group wide tax obligations and exposures and providing commercial leadership across a range of projects, markets across Asia Pacific, often across 40 countries at a time. She is also a Director of a number of Beca’s international companies.

  • Guest speaker
    Matt Laing Principal Consultant @ Radically

    Matt is a trusted advisor to business leaders wanting to modernise their organisations and is effective at translating strategy into supportive models with workable solutions to benchmark and measure the effectiveness of investment into agile.


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