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[Workshop] How to Successfully Implement Nonprofit Communications Software

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About This Series

Have you ever bought a software product thinking it will solve a problem and create a meaningful return for your time and money just to be disappointed in the results?

We know that feeling all too well ourselves. It sucks.

This is usually a result of getting the technology or tactic right but not strategically adapting current processes or appointing key roles to ensure a successful deployment.

While the Rally Platform is technically a cloud-based product, often referred to as a Software-as-a-Service, we prefer to think of ourselves as a Success-as-a-Service.

That's because, over our many years of developing and implementing technology for nonprofits of all sizes, we've come to appreciate that successfully implementing any digital tool or strategy comes down to selecting the right product, the right team, and then enabling them to hit a clear goal.

Introducing Our Implementation Workshops

So, we are launching regular Implementation Workshops for our customers and partners* to help them use our tool to get the most out of it and drive real results. After all, we are a Success-as-a-Service platform.

Example Strategies

Here are some example strategies that we would classify as a successful implementation of our communications platform.

1. Increase donations with less effort.

2. Improve ongoing connections and engagement with past supporters.

3. Increase recurring donations and provide a path to become more intimately engaged in the mission.

Come to one of our sessions and tell us what you want to address, and what goals you have, and we'll help you build and implement a plan to get there. Depending on where you are today and your future goals, we may need to roll out an implementation process in phases and act as an external consultant of sorts. Therefore, we'll be available again in the next workshop to go deeper with you as you report on your progress, and together we make adjustments based on what we are learning.

Signup today, and we will work together to nail the software implementation process for the mobile communications platform built exclusively for nonprofits and charitable organizations.

You will receive a link to the recording if you preregister for the event.

We look forward to seeing you there!


*You are welcome to attend the first one before you purchase the Rally Platform, but you'll soon be lost if you cannot take our strategies and suggestions and implement them for yourself.

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    James Martin Founder & CEO @ Rally Corp, Inc.

    Father of three, he and his wife Tracy live in San Diego. James is a servant leader, hiking addict, and serial entrepreneur striving to get 1% better every day.

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