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AI strategy for Financial Institutions : potential directions and impact of the new EU draft regulation

About this event


We will explain the key principles of the proposed new EU regulation and analyse why and how it will influence the activity for financial companies, today and tomorrow, in light with the current developments in AI for Finance.


The main themes covered during this webinar will be :

  1. Introduction : Where does AI for Finance and for the Financial Institutions stand today? What could be expected in the near future?
  2. EU proposed regulation :
  3. What are the principles of this regulation, what are the strength and weaknesses and what could be the timing of implementation?
  4. What challenges does it create for AI users and practitioners?
  5. What does this regulation mean more specifically for Financial Institutions and how could it influence AI strategies and applications? How can Reacfin help you?
  6. Q&A

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    Reacfin Academy

    Reacfin is a consulting firm focused on creating measurable value & results for its clients. Our mission is to develop innovative solutions to manage risks, products, capital & portfolios.

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    Jean Dessain Associate Partner @ Reacfin

    Jean Dessain is associate partner at Reacfin and professor of Finance and Machine Learning at IESEG, School of Management (Lille & Paris). Jean is also non-executive director at various companies.


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