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Delivering a Compelling & Accessible STEM Experience - Resources from Learnosity and ReadSpeaker TTS

About this event

Join our upcoming webinar, where Learnosity’s STEM Product Manager Kathleen Hake, PhD and ReadSpeaker’s Tom DiPietropolo will share their hard-won expertise on how to deliver engaging and accessible STEM learning experiences.

During this discussion, the experts will explore:

  • Why STEM learning platforms must be more than theoretically usable and go beyond simply ticking boxes for web accessibility.
  • What tools content authors require to create accessible STEM content, as well as the tools learners need to interact with that content.
  • How text to speech extends the reach of learning products—and what additional inclusivity-boosting solutions you can leverage to serve even more STEM users.

There will be a live demo and a Q&A session.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Ginger Dewey Educational Development Manager @ ReadSpeaker, LLC

    Ginger Dewey taught for 38 years in K12 and higher ed, mostly in higher ed. After retiring from higher ed, she transitioned to for ReadSpeaker, doing what she loves - faculty training. She is married with two adult children: daughter - Civil Engineer, & son - Marine Corps.Sergeant.

  • Guest speaker
    FL G
    Fredrik Larsson CTO @ ReadSpeaker

  • Guest speaker
    Kathleen Hake STEM Product Manager @ Learnosity

    Dr. Kathleen Hake has a decade of experience in the education industry and is currently serving as a product manager for Learnosity with a focus on STEM. As a former professor of mathematics she has experience developing courses and publishing research.

  • Team member
    Tom DiPietropolo Business Development @ ReadSpeaker LLC

    Technology Enthusiast, working in the field of Text to Speech, to support learners on their education journey.


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