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Delivering a compelling STEM experience: making STEM content inclusive, accessible and engaging

About this event

Join our upcoming webinar, where we will be joined by Professor Koen Malfait and Professor Bert Deseine from Vives University of Applied Sciences and also hear from Brett Dalton, our Moodle partner. ReadSpeaker's Jarno Aantjes will moderate the webinar.

During this discussion, the experts will explore:

  • Why STEM learning platforms must be more than theoretically usable and go beyond simply ticking boxes for web accessibility.
  • What tools content authors require to create accessible STEM content, as well as the tools learners need to interact with that content.
  • How text to speech extends the reach of learning products—and what additional inclusivity-boosting solutions you can leverage to serve even more STEM users.

There will be a live demo and a Q&A session.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Jarno Aantjes Partnership Manager Education EMEA @ ReadSpeaker

    Jarno Aantjes has been a member of the ReadSpeaker team over 10 years. He strongly believes in equal opportunities and is a firm believer of achieving more through collaboration. As the Partnership Manager Education for EMEA, he travels the continents to advocate for accessible e-learning.

  • Guest speaker
    Brett Dalton Head of Educational Services @ Moodle

    As Head of Educational Services Brett oversees the product management of the student and academic experience within the Moodle LMS. Brett has worked in the educational technology sector for almost 2 decades starting his career at La Trobe University working closely with the accessibility team while implementing and running EdTech systems at scale, and then moving on to work for several EdTech vendors in the lecture capture, LMS, and Student Management System spaces.

  • Guest speaker
    Bert Deseine Lecturer @ Vives University of Applied Sciences

    Bert graduated with a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering. This background has been used for his first job as a technical product purchaser. The knowledge gained from this job, together with the technical background from his studies, is now used as a lecturer in VIVES. A part of his job is to help organising the STEM Olympiad, which tries to trigger children aged 10-14 towards science and technology-related studies.

  • Guest speaker
    Koen Malfait Science professor @ Vives University of Applied Sciences

    Koen holds a PhD. in astrophysics from KULeuven University in Belgium (1999), worked for 10 years as optical design engineer at Barco (Kortrijk, Belgium) and moved to Vives University of Applied Sciences (Kortrijk, Belgium) 15 years ago, where he teaches applied physics courses, such as thermodynamics, aerodynamics and lighting technology amongst others. He is also involved in the internationalization team of the technology-department and in the organization of the Flemish STEM Olympiad, which tries to trigger children aged 10-14 towards science and technology-related studies.


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