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Tokenized Domains Platform - (Where Selling or Buying Shares of Your dot com Is A 15-second Transaction)

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RealtyDao Is Taking Your Premium Domains to Defi on Binance Smart Chain

RealtyDAO the domain tokenization platform, relaunches RDAO tokens to its portfolio community on the Binance Smart Chain. The RDAO platform makes asset tokenization it’s prominent feature which recently has become one of the most prominent use-cases for deFi applications.

The RDAO token is designed as a fungible, utility token allowing contributors, investors, crypto enthusiasts and digital asset owners  to participate in the buying and trading of asset tokens within the marketplace.

RealtyDao, which has years of blockchain experience, realizes that it's real-world and digital applications are immense and revolutionary hence the need for a digital native asset marketplace and platform built for the next web frontier and right now, on Binance Smart Chain one of the hottest blockchain protocols in the world today. 

RealtyDAO's goal, on the other hand, is to be the new internet's decentralized holding and development platform for digital native assets. RealtyDAO describes digital native assets as digital entities native to the internet with the ownership baked in the asset itself. Digital native assets can be classified into decentralized (TLD's), Domains, apps, content, and tokens.

Interested in taking part or get it on the Binance Airdrop?  Sign up today and get free RDAO

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