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Getting Started with Recess & Internal Marketing

About this event

Welcome to a special education session presented by Recess!

This week's lesson? Internal Newsletters. You'll learn how structure announcements, and even learn how to apply Employee Net Promoter Score to your organization and how you can create an electric culture of positivity that attracts top talent again and again.

After the lesson:

Stay aboard the ship to get your Recess account up and running with one of our installation pros!

In just thirty minutes, we’ll teach you how to import your contacts, verify your domain, and set up key automations to get you up and running.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Chris Handy Community Evangelist @ Recess.io

    Chris is an avid father, husband, and also loves to chat about internal marketing.

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    Brian Smith


The Internal Marketing Platform

Help everyone on your team feel heard and in the loop.

Employees are more confused than ever, but Recess.io makes internal communication easy.

Embrace internal marketing with employee feedback & engagement tools, internal newsletters and one-click team onboarding.