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Webinar: Recollective Applications (Part 2)

About this event

Join us on May 27th, at 11am Eastern Time where we will be hosting the second part our “Recollective Applications” webinar series. During this session we will explore how to leverage Recollective to successfully conduct In-the-Moment Research and Journaling Studies. More specifically, we’ll discuss each approach, how it benefits the researcher and outline a few different examples of how you could structure your study. In addition, we’ll provide some essential tips and tricks specific to each application to ensure that your online study is successful.

If you missed the first part of the webinar series, the recording has been posted to our blog for you to watch.

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    Laura Pulito VP, Research Services @ Recollective

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    Recollective Inc.


Recollective is an integrated online platform for developing research communities and conducting qualitative research studies.