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Tech hiring in a remote-first world: Lessons from Codility

About this webinar

Welcome to Recruitee's first online bootcamp! 

The world has gone through a major shift due to the pandemic which has introduced a new reality in which the new normal consists of remote work. It is more important than ever for recruiters, hiring managers, and stakeholders to evaluate and adapt to the new state of the recruitment landscape. In this webinar, we will focus on the integration between Recruitee and Codility and how this can help you optimize and master your remote tech hiring process. 

In the wake of an unstable job market, Codility, a technical assessment platform with over 1,500 customers globally, has helped hundreds of companies move their hiring processes remotely. What are the common hiring challenges the recruiters encounter today? And what lessons can we learn from the global leader in the industry trusted by companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Deloitte? 

In this webinar, we will be joined by Ashley Herbet the Product Marketing Manager at Recruitee who will dive into the importance of remote tech hiring and how to master the Codility integration within Recruitee. We will also be joined by Todd Jenkins, Director of Strategic Accounts at Codility, who will discuss the most effective tactics to remote hiring that helped successful engineering teams adapt with the times. 

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    Todd Jenkins Director of Strategic Accounts EMEA & Asia @ Codility

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    Recruitee Team Recruitee team @ Recruitee

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