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The Umami Advantage

About this webinar

The Umami Advantage

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You've heard about umami – that elusive savory flavor that makes everything taste better. Learn how to best achieve it in your products in this free, educational webinar, The Umami Advantage. You'll find out what umami is, why it's trending, and how this flavor can take your food products to the next level. 

Led by Brad Barbera, NPDP, a panel of industry experts will reveal how new food technologies are boosting flavor and driving innovation using fewer ingredients and at lower costs. They'll also discuss how new umami flavor enhancers intersect with health trends such as plant based and non GMO ingredients, clean labels, and lower sodium foods.

This lively event will be informational and also delicious! Our panelists will be conducting live taste tests and giving their professional feedback on the Umami Advantage. Feeling a little left out? Not to worry! We're sending free snacks to those who register with a U.S. address. Just fill out your address in the registration form we'll send you free samples so you can participate in an exclusive taste test of your own at home after the conclusion of the event! (Not hungry? No problem – it's optional.)

Hosted by Brad Barbera, NPDP, this event will deliver the latest information on trends and innovations without the confusing academic jargon. Barbera brings 30 years of experience in helping mission-driven organizations excel at innovation and sustainability. His diverse experience spans strategic planning and change management along with exhaustive research. Barbera has earned engineering and economics degrees from Northwestern University and an MBA from the University of Chicago. He has helped dozens of organizations launch innumerable new products and services worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Barbera is also author of “Keep Innovation Simple – Lead with Clarity and Focus in a World of Constant Change,” a complete reference guide for designing, building, and maintaining innovation systems for organizations. 

Special Guests:

Liz Specht, The Good Food Institute

Liz Specht works passionately to develop technologies that advance personal and public health, environmental sustainability, and animal protection. As Associate Director of Science & Technology at The Good Food Institute, she leads efforts to analyze the broader ecosystem surrounding plant-based products and cellular agriculture and forecast potential future bottlenecks to growth for the industry. These insights get distilled into public resources and become internal strategic guidelines for programmatic work that helps alleviate current and future scientific obstacles in this emerging sector. Her holistic view helps support the translation of technological advances into pragmatic, real world solutions. 

Bonni London MS, RDN, LDN, London Wellness, LLC

Educator, author, and speaker Bonni London empowers individuals to utilize nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes that impact and improve quality of life. A registered dietitian and owner of London Wellness LLC, she has been accredited and licensed for more than 20 years. That experience helps her to uniquely motivate and inspire each client to take better care of their body. London works with individuals to instill new habits to transform their diets and all areas of their lives. She also supports medical professionals by working with patients to enhance the outcomes of prescribed treatment plans. As an advocate within the food and hospitality industries, she partners with restaurateurs, farmers, and others to drive business and increase wellbeing. She also works to educate the public about ingredient sourcing, preparation preserving nutrients, synergistic combinations of ingredients, and how healthy is delicious. 

Charlie Baggs, Charlie Baggs Culinary Innovations

In 1999, Chef Charlie Baggs made a life-changing decision to launch an innovative food consulting company that would marry his fiery passion for creating new flavors, his rigorous training at the Culinary Institute of America, and his whole-hearted devotion to the business of hospitality. Today, Charlie Baggs Culinary Innovations specializes in training, flavor development, consumer insights, prototyping food and beverage, kitchen design, branding, and much more. As President and Executive Chef of the company, Baggs works to help clients with national account presentations, trade show support, design and execution, photography and visual assets, and culinary training for food scientists. He has also taught for more than a decade at the university level, at Purdue University and, currently, at the Illinois Institute of Technology. 

The Umami Advantage is the first in a series of free, educational webinars called The Food Ingredient MasterClass. The series is sponsored by TasteNrich® (tastenrich.com) by CJ Bio.