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Espresso Demo: Ensuring Compliance - Preventing Certificate Violations in Cybersecurity Frameworks

About this event

TLS certificates play a critical role in ensuring secure connections over the internet, enabling the smooth operation of today's digital commerce. However, managing TLS certificates can pose challenges for organizations, particularly in maintaining compliance with cybersecurity frameworks.

50% of breaches come from unknown or unmanaged assets.

So, how confident are you that your organization has a complete and up-to-date inventory of TLS certificates deployed on its systems and how well are you able to monitor them?

Join our latest Espresso Demo where John and Jorge will walk you through:

  • Strategies for preventing surprises such as expired or misconfigured certificates, ensuring compliance with cybersecurity frameworks.
  • Enhanced visibility - no more outdated certificate spreadsheets, manual updates, or cobbled-together dashboards.
  • Valuable insights into effectively managing TLS certificates and safeguarding your organization's compliance framework.
  • Proactive remediation of certificate related threats and bad actors trying to impersonate your brand.

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  • Team member
    John Klassen Sales Engineer @ Red Sift

    John has developed a broad and deep cybersecurity knowledge by working with customers, partners and product teams. Red Sift solutions energize him. John worked at security startups for DLP, DNS Security, and Remote Browser Isolation and leading organizations including McAfee and FireEye.

  • Team member
    Jorge Montiel Martinez Head of Sales Engineering - EMEA @ Red Sift

    In charge of the technical sales strategy and execution of our customers to drive new acquisitions, maximising their revenues and retention. In technology in various capacities, most of that time within Cybersecurity, delivering innovative and creative solutions for all-size organisations

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