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Understanding the SubdoMailing attack: mitigate, and protect against deceptive email campaigns

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Have you heard of SubdoMailing? If not, read on.

According to research by Guardio Labs a significant number of well-known organizations have been attacked as part of what’s being called the SubdoMailing campaign.

This complex attack takes advantage of key human and technical weaknesses in the Domain Name System (DNS), the very backbone of the internet, to deceive unsuspecting victims. In our latest webinar we will be delving into one of the most insidious threats lurking in the digital landscape.

During live briefing our experts will uncover its inner workings and shed light on the damage it can cause. They will walk you through:

  • Understanding the attack - how it operates, exploiting trusted brand names to deceive recipients into taking malicious actions.
  • Assessing the damage - discover the extent of the havoc caused, which has already seen least 5 million emails daily from over 8,000 compromised domains and 13,000 subdomains.
  • Mitigating strategies - gain invaluable insights into how you can protect yourself and your organization against this threat, both now and in the future.

By attending informative session you will:

  • Stay ahead of evolving cyber threats
  • Protect your organization's reputation and assets
  • Arm yourself with practical strategies to safeguard against SubdoMailing attacks

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    Faisal Misle Technical Lead, Customer Success & Strategic Projects @ Red Sift

    Passionate email geek specializing in email security with a decade’s worth of experience

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    Rebecca Warren Sr. Director of Marketing @ Red Sift

    I build marketing organizations at technical start-ups and scale ups. Experience in cybersecurity, DevSecOps, computer networking and MarTech in Seed - Series B businesses.

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