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How do you communicate critical information to onsite workers?

About this event

Getting audits, inspections, holiday forms and training schedules to your onsite workers (and back) can be difficult, but it is a necessary part of running successful projects and businesses.

This information allows businesses to allocate staff, identify potential hazards, and determine where staff training is required, along with many other functions.

Digital delivery of your key forms not only speeds up this process but also allows for trackability and traceability to determine when and what has been completed and by who. This information can then be developed further to provide analytical data for presentations to clients and internal stakeholders, allowing businesses to not only continue operating efficiently but also to gain work through tenders and streamline their work practises.

Project Connect allows users to design online templates that can be sent digitally to your workforce directly.

In this live webinar you will see:

  • How to Create, Customize, and Fill Out Online Forms in Project Connect
  • Data capture and analytics created from this information
  • Management of critical documents so that site managers/operatives are always following correct procedures

+ Q&A session

Hosted by

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    Barry Dell New Business manager @ RedSky

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    Gary Marshall RedSky


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