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RedSky invites you to their event

How to Reduce Risk in Construction Projects?

About this event

We are inviting you to a free webinar on how to Reduce risk in construction projects.

Learn how to:

✔️ Gain control over the documents that are used on-site

✔️ How can construction Project Managers effectively manage their supply chain

✔️ What are the main risks in construction and how to handle them

✔️ What are the top 3 causes of construction disputes

✔️ What is the average dispute value and how often it occurs

+ Q&A

Speakers on the webinar are RedSky's industry experts:

Mohammad Daudi, RedSkyIT's award-winning commercial director, with a background and experience in the construction and IT industries.

Gary Marshal is RedSky's business analyst with over 20 years of expertise in the construction sector, which has enabled him to gain knowledge and understand the needs of industry leaders while also providing appropriate solutions to their problems.

Join us on June 29th to learn how to reduce risk in your construction project, manage teams more effectively, and stay within budget, scope, and time!

Only 250 seats are available!

Save yours today!

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