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RedwoodJS Meetup

About this event

Demos: Redwood a11y, Stepzen, and Render Deploy

a11y (Accessibility) Demo by Dom

Out of the box, Redwood helps you make more accessible websites. Dom will give us an overview of Redwood's a11y features and show us how to implement them in your project.

Stepzen Integration by Anthony

Stepzen helps you create a GraphQL API for any datasource. In this demo, Anthony will integrate Shopify with Redwood's API using Stepzen.

Deploy Redwood with Render.com

Are you looking for a Jamstack-like hosting provider that gives you the full capabilities of traditional hosting? Then you're going to be excited to know that Redwood now supports Render as a first-class deploy target.

About the Meetup

This is the place for anyone from anywhere to learn about RedwoodJS.com and participate in the vibrant community. There will be demos and presentations, live discussion and Q&A, participation by chat, and (optionally) joining discussion by Video. (No video required.)

By attending, we hope you become inspired to dive deeper into the Redwood ecosystem. And, more importantly, build new connections with some great people from all over the world. 🚀

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    David Price Chief 🚀 Officer @ RedwoodJS

    Not to be confused with this guy http://davidprice.com/ Or this guy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Price_(baseball) Or even this guy https://price.house.gov/ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Full-stack for the Jamstack using React and GraphQL