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Growth in Turbulent Times - B2B Edition

About this event

Currently, there's a lot of uncertainty around what's happening in the market. Customer behavior has changed so fast it's impossible to know what's next. As an operator, this makes it tough to make decisions, because there isn't a ton of data out there to guide our decision making.

To help, Reforge & Profitwell organized a free online event to discuss the current environment and lessons from previous downturns. We already collected a bunch of great questions from our community.

  • Should we be cutting costs? If so, by how much?
  • How did companies weather the storm in past recessions?
  • Are the opportunities to accelerate and make lemonade out of lemons?
  • What signs should we look for in order to make smart decisions with imperfect data?

This event is hosted by Brian Balfour (Founder/CEO @ Reforge) and Patrick Campbell (Co-Founder/CEO @ Profitwell.) They are joined by Guillaume Cabane (Growth Advisor, G2 & ex-VP of Growth @ Segment & Drift), Fareed Mosavat (ex-Director of Product @ Slack) and Mark Roberge (Managing Director, Stage 2 Capital).

This session is completely focused on how to answer these questions for B2B business models. We begin the session with a review of market data the group has put together across a number of segments and industries to help you make better-informed decisions. Following that, we answer some of the questions supplied by the community at the time of recording.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Patrick Campbell Founder/CEO @ Profitwell

  • Guest speaker
    Fareed Mosavat Entrepreneur-in-Residence @ Reforge

  • Team member
    Brian Balfour Founder/CEO @ Reforge

  • Guest speaker
    Guillaume Cabane Growth Advisor @ G2

  • Guest speaker
    Mark Roberge Managing Director @ Stage 2 Capital