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Hiring tech talent: How to recruit top developers to your team?

About this event

Hiring (or planning to hire) skilled developers for your team? Are you a founder looking for your first tech hires? Are you an HR manager or recruiter looking to scale the tech team? If you said yes to any of these questions or you just want to learn to successfully recruit top developers, this event is for you!

It's no news that there's a skyrocketing demand for developers. In Germany, the tech talent shortage is growing 12% year over year. It is not a unique case - the talent shortage is present globally. Recruiting developers will continue being one of the biggest challenges for employers and Talent Acquisition teams.

But, don’t worry! We’ve invited three experts to share with you everything they’ve learnt while recruiting more tech employees than we can even count. Join us for our online event where you’ll learn how to successfully find and hire skilled developers (or upgrade your knowledge!)

We have invited:

Jaana Rästas, Technical Recruitment Team Lead at Bolt

Jacek Miś, Co-founder at 16bit Recruitment & ex developer

Olga Shatokha, Co-founder at Bee’s Knees & former HR business partner at PipeDrive

...to share their knowledge about finding top developers, success stories and mistakes they’ve made along the way.

What you’ll learn:

✅ How to attract top candidates during the tech talent shortage

✅ Where to find the best developers

✅ How to build an efficient hiring process

✅ Common hiring dilemmas (contractor vs employee, remote vs relocation)

✅ And everything you need to consider before you start your search for tech talent

🙌 Most importantly, you’ll have the chance to ask our amazing speakers questions live.

We’d love to see you there!

⏰ To attend the event, make sure you register!

The number of live participants is limited.


Jaana Rästas, Technical Recruitment Team Lead at Bolt

Jaana started her career as a recruiter in 2016, when she joined one of the best recruitment agencies back then. She had a chance to work with various companies, helping them grow their local teams in Estonia. After joining LHV as a Tech Recruitment Partner, she started purely specializing in Engineering roles. After joining Bolt more than 3 years ago, she’s had an incredible chance to hire across multiple countries, specializing in market research and building strong sourcing strategies for complex roles across all domains. For the last year, she's been leading a team of five recruiters who hire engineers to Romania, Poland, HQ, and Germany.

Olga Shatokha, Co-founder at Bee’s Knees

Originally from Ukraine, Olga used to live in Estonia, where during her 3 years at early Pipedrive she hired 150 engineers! Currently she’s based in Portugal and owns a tech recruitment agency Bee's Knees. She helps startups and growth stage companies across the world scale their teams with top-notch talent.

Jacek Miś, Co-founder at 16bit Recruitment

Jacek is an ex-developer, project manager, and entrepreneur. He founded 16bit Recruitment - a boutique recruitment agency - to help companies hire developers faster and in a more reliable way. He is successfully introducing innovative marketing approaches in recruitment that reduce the time to hire to as low as 2 weeks time.


Diana Solonenkova, Head of Recruitment Projects at Relancer

Diana helps founders and HR leaders find the best recruiter for their hiring challenges globally. Relancer is a marketplace where companies connect with trustworthy recruitment agencies and freelance recruiters all over the world.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Olga Shatokha Co-founder @ Bee’s Knees

  • Guest speaker
    Jaana Rästas Technical Recruitment Team Lead @ Bolt

  • Guest speaker
    Jacek Miś Co-founder @ 16bit Recruitment

  • Team member
    Diana Solonenkova Relancer

    Head of Recruitment Projects


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