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How much does external recruitment cost? Most used pricing models

About this event

Ever thought about seeking help from an external recruiter, but have no idea how much it costs and which service to use? Working with an external partner can be the solution to your hiring challenges. But, finding a recruiter or agency that fits your budget and has the right expertise can be a challenge of its own.

No need to worry though, we got you!

We’re hosting an online event to help you navigate through different pricing models, understand recruiter fees and choose the right recruitment service for your business.

What you’ll learn:

✅ Most common pricing models in recruitment

✅ Recruiter fee examples from different countries

✅ Which pricing model would work best for your company

✅ How the pricing model affects the collaboration with a recruiter and its success rate

✅ Avoiding the most common challenges in recruiter-company collaboration

Eero Veider, Relancer’s CEO, will share data from our platform that will help you make better decisions and ensure your collaboration with recruiters is efficient.

Katriin Laanet, HR Manager at Bisly, will share her extensive experience of hiring recruiters with different types of collaboration and fees.

Join us to learn how to find the right recruiter for your needs and your budget, and avoid all the challenges along the way! You’ll also have the chance to ask our speakers your questions live. 🙌

We’d love to see you there!


Katriin Laanet, HR Manager, Bisly

Experienced in people development and performance, Katriin is an HR enthusiast working on making people at Bisly happy and engaged. She's also had years of experience collaborating with external recruiters to make hiring more efficient. Katriin started her HR career at PwC and was on the Admirals HR team before joining Bisly, the next-generation building automation system that makes saving energy simple!

Eero Veider, CEO, Relancer

Eero is the co-founder and CEO of Relancer, in charge of building the marketplace where employers find the best freelancer recruiters and recruitment agencies anywhere in the world. His mission is to make global talent easily accessible to every employer. Before starting Relancer, he was building an HR startup helping tech companies find international talent for relocation.


Diana Solonenkova, Head of Recruitment Projects, Relancer

Diana is focused on helping HR leaders and founders solve their hiring challenges. She has helped hundreds of employers connect with trustworthy recruiters to hire global talent.

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  • Guest speaker
    Katriin Laanet HR Manager @ Bisly

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    Diana Solonenkova Relancer

    Head of Recruitment Projects


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