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RepliCon Q1 2023

About this event

Replicon Q1 will cover all the latest and greatest from the Replicated team and beyond.

We’ll spend some time talking about our amazing new Instance Insights feature, which not only makes it easier for vendor Support Engineers to understand the health and performance of customer instances, but also to view insights at the customer level. We’ll go through the recently launched ‘Model for Replicated’, which will help you to successfully implement the Model for Replicated and drive success for both you and your customers. We’ll also give you a look into KOTS ‘under the hood’, so you can see what steps KOTS takes to create the right Kubernetes resources.

Join us! It will be a fun time, and you’ll walk away with an exciting new look at the future of distributed software.

Session Details

Kickoff from our CEO, Grant

9:00 to 9:10 am PST

Instance Insights Overview and Metric Madness

9:10 to 9:35 am PST

In this session, we will introduce Instance Insights and discuss key metrics top-performers use to measure and understand their performance in delivering and distributing their application(s) to customers. Then we will pit metrics against each other in a live poll to find out which metric will make it to the final four in the metric madness bracket!

The sweet 16 lineup:

Upgrade success rate vs. Time between SaaS and on-prem - WINNER: Upgrade success rate

Age of deployed software vs. Unique deployed versions - WINNER: Unique deployed versions

Support burden cases vs. Mean time between failures - WINNER: Mean time between failures

Deployment frequency vs. Customer/instance churn - WINNER: Customer/Instance churn

Instance uptime vs. Install success rate - WINNER: Install success rate

Adoption rate vs. Support burden hours - WINNER: Adoption rate

Aggregate uptime vs. Mean time to recover - WINNER: Mean time to recover

Time to install vs. Trial conversion rate - WINNER: Time to Install

Instance Insights Features and Roadmap

9:35 to 9:50 am PST

This session will highlight our new customer instance telemetry and reporting features. These new features not only make it easier for vendor Product and Support Engineers to understand the health and performance of customer instances, but also view insights at the customer level, aggregating data from all instances deployed for a single customer license. We’ll show how you can now view customer overview metrics, instance summaries and key adoption metrics across your entire user base, before diving into the near and medium-term roadmaps for Instance Insights.

A Model For Replicated

9:55-10:20am PST

In this session, we will introduce the recently launched Model for Replicated. The Model for Replicated provides a comprehensive overview of Replicated's architecture and integration with your organization. Through this model, you'll learn about the key architectural and organizational decisions that you'll need to make to achieve the best outcomes. This session will help you to successfully implement the Model for Replicated and drive success for both you and your customers.

Customer Interview: AI Training Data Anonymization with Subsalt

10:20-10:30am PST

In this customer interview, we'll delve into the ways in which Subsalt is utilizing Replicated to facilitate the anonymization of AI training. As an essential aspect of data privacy and security, anonymization ensures that sensitive information is protected and remains confidential. By using Replicated, Subsalt can create a secure environment where data is encrypted, and privacy is maintained throughout the AI training process.

KOTS: Under the Hood

10:30-10:55am PST

Vendors package their applications using Kubernetes manifests, Helm charts, Replicated custom resources and template functions, and all this gets combined and magically deployed by KOTS in a customer’s environment. But what steps does KOTS take to create the right Kubernetes resources? How are Helm charts and Kubernetes manifests handled? What is kustomize and how does KOTS use it? Come join us to demystify the magic and learn about KOTS under the hood.

Live Field Labs - Bonus Time

11:00 am PST

Members of our team will stick around after RepliCon to help you work through our Instruqt labs. If you're new to the Replicated platform and are curious about what it can do, we'd love to show you our labs!

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Kaylee McHugh Director of Marketing @ Replicated

  • Team member
    Mariel Wilding Sr. Marketing Manager (Customer Value) @ Replicated

  • Team member
    Ian Zink Senior Developer Advocate @ Replicated


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